I find it kind of offensive when someone will be into me and for whatever reason proclaims me to be “the best of both worlds.” I’m not. 

Despite my looks, background, past, or present body parts, I don’t feel male. Proclaiming that I could be the best of male and female thus implies that there are a great number of male parts. The very parts I don’t want to acknowledge or don’t like at all.

Granted, sure, I do have a penis and I guess people like that. (They’re usually called “chasers”, for your information!) I don’t, however, like very much to use it, and if I were to use it, orgasms are just one of the worst things possible for my fairly fragile mid-transition psyche. 

I would much rather have the feminine parts acknowledged and noted. That is my ultimate goal; to be 100% female, have the surgery and all. If someone’s interested in me or wanting me because I’m the best of both worlds, what do they do when the worlds change? It breeds very negative situations in the future, if not the present!

Just something that I’ve been fighting with for the past couple of days. Not that long of a rant. :P